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January 2008

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Livejournal is creepy

I would never make a LJ account. I'm afraid of all the geeks and fangirls and fanboys and gay fanboys and slash and the end of the world as we know it.

Now i have one.

dune_drd is the devil. Abaddon is her puppy.


MWHAHAHA!! ...HA... ha.. heh. *coughs*

Welcome to the World of Madness. We don't bite. Much.

Re: gay fanboys

If you're afraid of gay fanboys because of slash, well, slash is actually mostly produced by perfectly straight fan*girls*. (I'm not sure if that's a reassuring thought for you, though. *g*)

Re: gay fanboys

I thought so.
I'm afraid of slash because it is EVERYWHERE. I don't wanna read it, but you cannot escape the IDIC of fanfiction. Men can be "just friends" too, you know. ;)

Re: gay fanboys

Not in fandom, where even brothers can be more

*glances at Heroes*


Hey, preaching to the choir.

I'm a fairly firmly 'no sex' kind of fan. Not even het - that's heterosexual erotica - let alone slash. Well, okay, I've written *one* slash fic. But that's one out of fourteen. Sort of working on another one, admittedly, but that's still - if you take all my finished and unfinished fics together - only two slash fics out of a total of, errm, 27 fics at the moment, I think. Everything apart from said two slash stories is completely devoid of any kind of sex, really.

I don't get Sam/Gene slash at all, I don't even get Methos/Duncan (in Highlander fandom; an extremely popular pairing involving one of my favourite characters ever - Methos, not Duncan, I can't stand Duncan. *g*) Heck, I don't even ship something as mainstream and heterosexual as John/Aeryn. I'm not a shipper, not a slasher, not here for the sex. (Even my single slash fic was positively victorian in its lack of graphicness. *g*)